Tape and Toddlers

Whoever coined the phrase ‘terrible twos’ weren’t fucking kidding were they. Little Miss A goes from sweetie-pie (“Oh thank you Mammy, that’s very kind of you Mammy”) to incandescent ball of rage kicking and screaming on the floor in nought to sixty. The last couple of days have brought tantrums and tears because I wouldn’t stop the car so she could pick a dandelion, because I wouldn’t “make the sunshine off”, because the curry was “too spiky”, I wouldn’t let her wee in the cat’s litter tray, along with the general having to move from one place to another within a specific time period. I’ll be honest, I have drunk a fair amount of wine recently.

It took three attempts to visit Tape. Tape is an art installation that’s been set up in Bute Park during August. It’s part of RSPB Cymru’s ‘Giving Nature a Home’ project, and involved sticky tape being wound around trees to resemble a giant spider’s web. It’s so big it can hold five people at a time.

As it’s such an intriguing prospect, it has been attracting a lot more than five people at a time. Which means queues. Queuing. With a toddler. Not my favourite prospect. The first time we went I just saw how many people were waiting, laughed, and left. There were not enough snacks in my bag. The second time we’d arranged to meet up with friends but they were having their own toddler tantrum problems so weren’t there yet. We lasted about five minutes in the queue, before Ari decided the queue didn’t apply to her and kept repeatedly trying to queue jump. So un-British of her. Attempts to explain queueing resulted in much kicking and screaming in the mud before I had to throw her over my shoulder and admit defeat. Luckily our friends turned up later, yay! Queuing is much easier with another adult to chase the little ones.

And so, eventually, we made it. It was so surreal. And so much fun!



You only get a few minutes in there, which is understandable when there’s a queue outside, but it’s enough time for slipping and sliding and thinking “Shit, this is all just sellotape”.


DSC01960 ┬áIt’s apparently been funded by the levy on carrier bags, which makes me feel better for all the times I’ve managed to forget my bags-for-life. It’s going to be turned into bird houses when it’s finished.DSC01962

And I would have urged you to go see it before it does finish, but I think that’s Monday.

When our time was up, I even managed to get Ari out without any refusal. Although I may have had to bribe her with ice-cream…