It’s only by looking back at this blog that I remembered that I’d made some resolutions at the beginning of 2015. Which is probably a sign that I didn’t really stick to them.

Move more

Actually this one’s not been so bad. I started the year off well. I did two rounds of Level Up, and I really threw myself in to the first twelve weeks of the course. Lost quite a bit of weight, ate so much better and felt so much stronger. It felt great. By the second round of the course life had seemed to get a whole lot busier and I didn’t put in the commitment I needed. The weight, and more, is back. It taught me that I can challenge myself physically but I’m no good at doing it on my own.

Which has also been hammered home to me by the running group I joined towards the end of the year. I’d volunteered to help cheer for those running in the Cardiff Half Marathon to raise money for the charity I work for and left feeling pretty inspired (especially by the guy who stopped at the ice cream van to have a Magnum – life goals). But I had plenty of excuses why I wasn’t a runner. I don’t want to do it on my own. Running groups are full of people who can already run. I don’t have time. And then, a couple of days later, I saw on Twitter that a women’s beginners running group was starting in the park a few streets away from my house. So there went my excuses! I almost didn’t get myself out of the door, but then I remembered Nadiya, who’d won the Great British Bake Off the night before. “I am never going to say I can’t, I can and I will.”“I am never going to say I can’t, I can and I will.” (And besides, I needed to run off all the cakes I’d been eating while watching Great British Bake Off.) In December we did out first organised 5k, a Santa Run, which was great as I could wear a silly hat to detract from my big red face.


Joining Samba Galêz as a dancer is one of the best things I’ve done for myself over the last couple of years and it’s been a pretty big part of my year. It’s a lovely community and being part of a carnival is good for my soul, even if that just means Barry on a rainy day. Being part of the mass busk at the Welsh Encontro, when samba bands from across the country descended on Cardiff, was particularly fun.

Get Outside More

I made an effort with this. MiniRegz, however, is not an outside girl. She is definitely her father’s daughter. We went to Mountain View Ranch last week, a kind of outdoor activities centre that promises ‘free range fun’. Sat at a picnic table looking at the map we were given, I asked her where she fancied going. The Gruffalo trail? The fairy forest? “I will go to the cafe” came the reply. Ho-hum. I will persevere.

Make more

This definitely didn’t go to plan. Although I did finish my sodding crochet blanket for MiniRegz’s bed despite the best efforts of the cat (I’ve still not worked out if it was the cat or the toddler that pissed on it).


I also had a big fight with my sewing machine and made a dress for the Encontro that actually stayed intact through the performance! I keep thinking I’ll get the sewing machine out again now I’ve recovered from the trauma.


Read more

I really meant to keep track this year of what I’d read but this hasn’t gone so well. Reading for fun has taken a back seat since starting my MSc in Child Public Health in September. My reading pile is a bit like this these days:

Big ole pile of books

And you know why you’re getting a blog post from me right now? Because I should be reading these! Best get back to it.

For 2016 I think my resolutions will be pretty much the same. Starting on Monday, I need to eat better. No alcohol in January. Stop eating the crap I’ve been eating over Christmas. January cliché I know but last week MiniRegz asked me if I couldn’t fit on a swing because my bottom was too big. Thanks lovely. And a shopping ban until my birthday in March. I did this a few years ago (still have a blog post about it in my drafts folder…) and it made me think about what I ‘needed’. So only the essentials – food, enough toiletries to make sure I’m not an unpleasant person to be around. Events and experiences don’t count, or presents for people, and I’m not counting books for my course. My trainers are reaching the end of their life so I may allow myself a new pair of those if I keep running. Right, I’ve written it down now so please hold me to account!


3 thoughts on “2015

  1. It occurs to me that what you should be doing is blogging more! But having met up with you lately and hearing how busy you are, I can see why you might not’ve!

    • Yes, it strikes me that when I have things to blog about, I never find the time to blog! It was lovely to see you all briefly on Friday. Hope you had a good journey home!x

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