Level Up!

As cliched as it is, one of my aims for the new year was to move more. To do this I know I need to keep trying new things, to keep me interested.

Which is how I find myself collapsed in a broken sweaty mess on the floor of a church hall in Penarth twice a week, spurred on by Harry Potter quotes and the thought of letting my team down.

L12 is a 12 week fitness course run by the lovely people of Level Up Fitness. I’m still not sure if I’m the only woman doing it who doesn’t play roller derby. I was pretty much terrified when I signed up, but I knew I needed a good kick up the bum. Ari has just learnt to say ‘heavy’ and I could do without that being pointed at me too often, thanks very much.

The course consists of two sessions a week, but the arse-kicking doesn’t end when the classes finish – there’s always a weekend challenge, good and bad bingo (tick when you dance or an hour/go for a run/eat pizza/eat cake etc) and a food diary to give in every week (the thought of someone looking at everything I eat is great motivation, as long as I can keep myself honest…!)

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times when one only remembers to turn on the light.

I’ll let you know how motivated I’m feeling at the end of the 12 weeks!




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