Out and About

One of my aims this year is to get outside more. I love lots of things about living in the city, but cabin fever can set in easily. Go somewhere where we can kick through leaves and puddles rather than bin bags and dog shit! Unfortunately I’ve not found any wellies small enough for MiniRegz’s little feet but that doesn’t stop her from loving those puddles.


It’s not as easy as jumping in the car and heading off where we fancy. At the moment every shoe, every coat, every hat can kick off a mighty battle. She’s also at the stage where walking is fine, direction not so much (that is just a stage right?).

wetlands2 This afternoon we got out with Eleanor to the Newport Wetlands, an RSPB reserve on the Severn Estuary. We’ve been before and seen not a single bird.  Today we spotted a Woodpecker, from the comfort of the cafe no less. It’s a strange place, out past Newport’s industrial estates, in the shadows of a power station, but a great place for a walk. Although I am sad that the cafe seems to have stopped serving PieMinisters.

When I’d picked up MiniRegz from nursery after her morning session, I was told she’d fallen asleep at the table, before she;d even had any food, which is very much not like her. So I knew she was a bit under the weather, which made for a bit of a whingy walk round.  Trying to get a toddler who doesn’t want to go in her buggy is a bit like getting a slippery mackerel caught in a tornado into a sock.
wetlands3 wetlands4

It took us a surprisingly long time to get to the lighthouse and back, what with all the puddles, detours, mud traps and dragons to spot. But it was so nice to be out.



2 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. What’s your favourite Pieminister pie? I’m a huge fan of the Mooshroom!

    Also cool: Pieminister sent me a t-shirt, free meal voucher, recipe card and all kinds of other things when I found a bug in their website the other year (and then told them how to fix it). In case they weren’t awesome enough in my eyes.

    • That is very cool! I’m a fan of the old Heidi Pie myself, although it’s been a while since I had one now. Must take a trip to the restaurant soon!

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