MiniRegz at 20 Weeks

MiniRegz in tinfoil

Taking a break from sifting through design bids while bouncing a grumpy teething baby on my knee. I swear I’m working harder at the moment than I did when I was at work! I’ve recently got involved as the lay person on the team revamping the information sent out to pregnant women and new mums in Wales. Really interesting project, and I’m really excited to be involved but trying to keep MiniRegz entertained while sitting in an office going through a PowerPoint presentation of all the bids might have been asking a bit too much of her! So I’m having to finish off at home.

I got involved in the project through being involved as a co-applicant on a research bid looking at breastfeeding peer support in deprived areas. Which I got involved in through my lovely friend (and service user activist extraordinaire) Bethan. I’m starting training myself next month to help out as a breastfeeding peer supporter which I’m excited about. I’m also part way through an OCN course in Working with Children Under 5, which I signed up for simply because a guy approached me about it when buying my vegetables! It’s been handy when thinking about future childcare arrangements though. And it’s meant I’ve had to leave MiniRegz in the creche next door which I guess has been good practice for next year. I’m starting to look at nurseries this week ready to go back to work next year. Feels far too soon!

So yes, when people ask me what I’ve been up to, and I say that I’ve been busy but that I’m not sure what I’ve been doing, I guess I’m being a bit unfair on myself.

MiniRegz has also been busy. She’s learnt how to roll on her front, but not back yet, causing me to spend half my days rolling her back again after she does her frustrated skydiver thing.

She’s been a pirate


And a pumpkin (I’m supposed to be Velma in case you’re wondering)

pumpkin baby

She’s chatting away to her teddies (although I think all she’s doing is warning them she’s going to eat them as they then just go straight in her mouth). And playing with new favourite toy, a space blanket I got for a quid.

Weaning next!

(I’ve just noticed how surprised MiniRegz looks in all these photos. I guess the world is a surprising place when you’re a baby).



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