New and Old

Last weekend we tried out some of the new and old attractions around here. Burrito has finally landed in Cardiff! Ever since Bar Burrito in Manchester was our pre-gig eatery of choice, and trips to Boojum in Belfast and Illegal Jacks in Edinburgh, I’ve been wondering when we’d get one here. The possibility of setting one up was a regular topic of conversation. Fortunately/unfortunately we no longer have to. Mission Burrito opened on Saturday so we popped along. It was good, and I’m glad Cardiff has finally entered the burrito ago. But I felt there was something missing in the vegetarian burrito (yes, meat, haha. Not that, silly). It almost tasted too healthy. At Illegal Jacks I had a veggie haggis burrito – which might not really suit Cardiff but something different might be nice. Anyway, this is just an excuse to talk about burritos (mmm, burritos), and to post this photo of MiniRegz gazing longingly at some nachos.

MiniRegz at Mission Burrito

On Sunday we visited the National History Museum at St Fagans, an old favourite. Goodness knows how many times I’ve been there now, I even did my school work experience there. It was such a gorgeous autumnal day. We’re so lucky to have such a lovely (and free!) place nearby.

It was also a good opportunity to try out our new baby carrier, the Moby Go. We’ve been using a Moby stretchy wrap which has been great, but the little pudding has started to get a bit fussy in it. As you can see, Andy did the carrying on this occasion and he said it was really comfy, and little MiniRegz slept for most of the way round, so she obviously likes it. You can’t do back carries in it, so it won’t last us as long as some other carriers, but for £30 in TKMaxx, you can’t go wrong really. I’d recommend it if anyone’s looking for a decent and reasonably priced baby carrier.

st fagans

Happy International Babywearing Week! (Weird term, makes the baby sound like a pair of shoes, but a handy thing – not sure how I’d have got anything done without the Moby in those early weeks).


2 thoughts on “New and Old

  1. Man, I love me some Mission Burrito (we’ve got two of them in Oxford). I had one just yesterday. Sometimes they’ll do additional vegetarian fillings, like for National Vegetarian Week or Cinqo de Mayo or something.

    • Ooh, that’s good to know about the specials, an excuse to keep going back. And I’ve just found out you can order online, amazing!

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