41 Weeks Ramblings

Me at 41 WeeksCongratulations! After months of anticipation, your beautiful baby has finally arrived.

This was the message on my phone from the BabyCentre app this morning. Thanks app! Not quite accurate. I was hoping not to be writing another one of these posts.

I’m surprised how impatient and frustrated I’m feeling. Because actually I’ve been having a perfectly lovely time being off work with not much to do. There’s been lots of walking and ice cream (mostly ice cream). Ice cream down the Bay after walking down to meet Andy for lunch. Ice cream at Joe’s after walking into Roath. Ice cream in the garden during a lovely chilled out afternoon with friends. Having the sun out has made such a big difference.

And there’s been some making of things. I finally finished this little crochet jumper from Nicki Trench’s Cute and Easy Crocheted Baby Clothes. The seams on it are shockingly bad, but I got quite superstitious and convinced myself that the baby wouldn’t arrive until it was finished. Not that I think it will fit even when ze does arrive. But it’s done, and that’s the main thing.

Baby jumperI finally got round to hanging up the embroidery hoops I covered with fabric a while ago. I like the idea of being able to change them round pretty easily. Well, that might be true if I hadn’t knocked out a chunk of plaster while hanging them up. DIY is not a strong point of mine.

Embroidery hoopsAnd some cake! I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost my baking mojo recently but I was happy with this one. Even if I did have to make two cakes as the first came out too flat to split into layers. It’s Delia’s Lemon Curd Cake, but with lemon curd bought from Inner City Pickle at Roath market. I had a craving for lemon curd the other week and am now getting through my second jar of the stuff.

Lemon curd cakeI’m running out of inspiration now. And feeling more whale-like every day. But I’m booked in for an induction at the end of the week so if all goes to plan we should meet MiniRegz by the weekend!


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