40 Week Ramblings

DucksNo babies following me round yet I’m afraid!

40 weeks! How did that happen? MiniRegz’s official due date was Monday but since only something like 4% of babies arrive on their due date I wasn’t holding out much hope, especially if baby has inherited a sense of punctuality from us. And if ze’s got Daddy’s sense of direction, well there’s no telling when ze’ll find their way out. (Attempt to use gender neutral pronoun probably all wrong, definitely one of the most awkward things about not finding out your baby’s sex. ‘It’ feels wrong. ‘They’ makes people think you’re having twins. And our compromise at switching between him and her on a weekly basis is just generally hard to keep track of and probably makes people think we’re a bit confused!)

Ze’s been measuring a bit on the weenie side anyway, so a bit more time to bake is probably not such a bad thing.

Raspberry Leaf Tea and  Pineapple

So yes, the waiting game. Unfortunately no nesting instinct has kicked in, so I have no desire to clean under the fridge or scrub the oven with a toothbrush or anything of the sort. I’m almost out of episodes of Nashville. I made the mistake of not arranging to see anyone this week, and feel like I’ve exhausted all my goodbye and good luck cwtches. Sitting down to crochet is getting a bit uncomfortable, I’m mostly living on my gym ball. And we’ve got through all the new Arrested Development (not nearly enough Gob and Buster). Still, I really shouldn’t complain that I have too much time to laze around reading for hours. I’m sure that would come back and bite me on the bum once MiniRegz does decide to get here!

But I can’t deny I’m getting a bit impatient. I just want to meet the little one now.

not a beached whaleBetter not stand too close to the water in case they try and roll me back in, thinking I’m a beached whale or something. I sure do feel like one sometimes.



5 thoughts on “40 Week Ramblings

  1. Perfect use of gender neutral pronoun, there. Nicely.

    And OMG, how awesome was the new series of Arrested Development? Just finished it myself, tonight. The semi-simultaneous nature of the episodes this season, while awesome, did mean that the finale wasn’t as ‘punchy’ as it might have been, but it was still pretty fantastic.

    (so glad to speak to another fan; all the other Earthlings loathe the show)

    Good look with miniReegz, whenever ze chooses to show zer face! Keep us posted! All my love;

    • Good, glad I’m using it correctly – I heard about gender neutral pronouns on your blog so glad you’ve approved it!

      And yes, Arrested Development was awesome. I was worried I wouldn’t get a chance to watch them all uninterrupted when I heard the series ‘due date’ was a day before MiniRegz’s! I wasn’t sure for the first few episodes, but it built into something great. I agree about the finale, and I think how they did it meant that the characters maybe didn’t get enough time to interact in bigger groups together (and like I say, I could do with more Gob just because I think he’s great). But it was brilliant, and I definitely want to rewatch from the start of series one (again), if only to see if George Michael really doesn’t know who Lucille 2 is!

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