Hippie Baby

Time created by not having to work, and an unexpected burst of energy


Some cheap white sleepsuits and vests from the second hand baby shop around the corner

White baby clothes


Recently reading Lauren Groff’s Arcadia, the story of a boy growing up in a commune in 1970s New York State, and  Mark Vonnegut’s Eden Express, his memoir of a psychotic breakdown at a commune


Inspiration from Medicated Follower of Fashion


Some Dylon Machine Dye and rubber bands


Tie dye baby clothes

Hippie baby clothes! Andy is horrified at the thought of having a hippie baby and has told me I’m not allowed to take the baby out of the house wearing them, haha.


6 thoughts on “Hippie Baby

    • Not yet, better had soon, the house needs cleaning and I’ve been waiting for the nesting thing to make me do it!

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