Beatnik Blue

One of the things I was most looking forward to about buying a house was painting the walls random colours that would probably be far too bright and offensive for most people. It took a while but we eventually plumped for a colour called Beatnik Blue by Crown. I like that I can blend in with the walls with lots of my clothes.

It’s been fun decorating, although I’m not really one that cares all that much about interior design and the like. I know exactly what I like when perusing Pinterest, but as long as my place is vaguely teal and vaguely tidy then I’m happy. I actively resent having to think about curtains!

Anyway, I thought I’d take a few photos while it’s still vaguely tidy, as I’m sure it won’t stay this way for long!



My shiny things guarded by charity shop pug.
Japan pictures Photos from TokyoShelfShelf above the bed – wedding date print from my lovely husband for my birthday, a Cathryn Weatherhead print and a photo by Eleanor Jane of Times Square in the snow, which reminds me of our honeymoon. Dressing table

Dressing table – Ikea Rast painted white and the drawer pulls replaced with ones from The Secret Garden. We bought the chair from a cute little vintage clothes shop called Giddy Aunt in Narberth.


Now onto the dining room!


6 thoughts on “Beatnik Blue

  1. Aww thanks guys! Have to give credit for the painting to my dad and Andy. I like to think I was more the creative director!

  2. It’s gorgeous and very Pinterest-worthy!! Really love the colour and the ikea hacked drawers! I desperately need jewellery stands and I really love yours.. Where did you get them?

    • Thank you! The tree stand was from Ikea, many moons ago. The bird one was from a present from a friend – I’ll try and remember to ask her where she got it!

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