32 Week Ramblings


Random baby thoughts from my brain:

*Apparently MiniReegz now weighs as much as a coconut. A wiggly kicky coconut.

*MiniReegz is due May 27th. The new series of Arrested Development is due May 26th. I can’t decide if this is good or bad timing.

*I have four weeks left in work. I can’t wait! I’m so excited at the prospect of having weekends off.

*I woke up excited the other day because I knew I’d dreamed the perfect baby name. Turned out, when I remembered it, that it was ‘Fold’. I think my subconscious needs to work a bit harder.

*We finally commenced Operation Baby Shop at the weekend. There’s still more to get but not much I don’t think. I can understand why people end up buying lots though. I wish more adult clothes came in dinosaur, robot and whale prints.

*MiniReegz gets the hiccups an awful lot – what’s s/he drinking in there!

*I’ve had most of my scheduled appointments with the cardiologist/anaesthetist/obstetrician etc  All they’ve recommended is that I have as pain-free, stress-free and as short a birth as possible. Can’t really argue with that I guess!

*Buying a car was easier than buying a pushchair.

*I’ve been using my self hypnosis birth preparation CD for weeks now. I fall asleep every time. They could be implanting all sorts of messages in my brain without me knowing. In fact, I’m going to blame them for this Creme Egg craving I seem to have developed (as if I don’t get that every year around this time…).

Me - 31 weeks

Excuse the smug face, double chin and exciting picture frames!


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