Magical Mystery Tour

Step right this way….

For my birthday last week Andy organised a weekend away, location unrevealed until we got there. He knows me so well, it was exactly what I needed. A couple of nights in a quiet B&B in Laugharne.

When we got there we saw a sign for Dylan Thomas’s Birthday Walk – a walk based on a poem he wrote about a walk he took on his thirtieth birthday. Seemed appropriate! It was cloudy but the views across the estuary were stunning.

the last verse“It was my thirtieth year to heaven”

DSC_0239Unfortunately, we were there the day after my actual birthday, or I could have got free pizza! Worth remembering for next year.

The next day, after some amazing Glamorgan Sausages at the B&B, we spent the morning hiding from the rain ducking in and out of craft and antique shops in Narberth, spending too much money on house things.

“but the weather turned around”

…and we got to have a pootle around Tenby.



Tenby, in Welsh, is Dinbych-y-pysgod, which means Little Fortress of the Fish, which I love. It reminds me so much of childhood holidays.

Tenby 3

In the evening, Andy had booked us a table at The Cors, which was a really special place. It’s a converted Victorian building tucked away behind some beautiful gardens. At least, we were told they were beautiful. By the time we got there we had to use a torch to find our way which added to the magic. The owner was really friendly and they were so accommodating to my pregnant veggie awkwardness.

The next morning we took advantage of the perfect spring weather that greeted us, and took another walk around Laugharne. It felt so peaceful and perfect. A description of the walk online mentioned how the path took you away from the ‘hustle and bustle’ of Laugharne, which felt a bit of a silly thing to say about such a small peaceful town (although it was a fair bit rowdier on the Saturday night, I think there was some kind of sport on…!). But it made sense once you were out in the woods and felt everything had been left behind.

On our way home we stopped in the National Botanic Garden of Wales, which was also pretty peaceful. I imagine it’s more worth a visit in the summer, but it was still a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

DSC_0338 Flower

It was so nice to get outside for so much of the weekend. I’ve been feeling a bit cooped up and it was lovely to feel that spring is on it’s way. I can’t wait.

Thank you so much to my wonderful mister for organising it, it was exactly what I needed.


One thought on “Magical Mystery Tour

  1. That all looks like a world of awesome! Congratulations!

    Yeah: we’re familiar with the “veggie pregnant awkwardness”, from Ruth’s pregnancy last year. Still: we found fun ways to be versatile with our existing veggie-friendly cooking to work around the fresh limitations in what she could and could not eat (or would and would not, once she got to a point that she couldn’t stand the smell of bread). Pregnant people are weird. Vegetarians are weird. The crossover, then: also weird.

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