28 Weeks Ramblings

I was reminded recently how lucky we’ve been in this journey so far, and how not to take any of it for granted. Life can be truly shitty and unfair sometimes, and we don’t always know what’s going on for people behind their smiles. I hope this household gets the healing and good fortune they need and deserve.

I also hope they don’t mind me continuing to ramble on here. It’s funny, I’ve yet to make any mention of my pregnancy on Facebook or Twitter – to begin with I wanted to make sure we could tell people in person, or at least personally. Now it’s just become a habit. It has been tempting at times to moan about the bloody heartburn, or weird leg cramps that have me tossing and turning each night, but I know really I’m lucky to be in a position to have those – and lucky that’s pretty much all I’ve been suffering with so far (searches desperately for wood to knock). I’ll still use this space for wittering on though, and hopefully it’s an easily avoidable place for people who don’t want to read it.

It’s hard to believe I’ve reached the third trimester already. Apparently this week, according to my app, baby weights the same as a Chinese Cabbage. This is in no way helpful as  have no idea what a Chinese Cabbage looks like. Last week they were a cauliflower. I’m going to be very disappointed when birth doesn’t result in me being able to open a greengrocer’s.

It’s been a week of appointments. I finally got to see the cardiologist. He put the kibosh on any thoughts I had still lingering of having a home birth, but I guess I had got used to that idea already. I think when I first got pregnant I had this very fixed idea of the very natural, crunchy, Ina May-approved, home birth I would have, probably with dolphins in the birthing pool, and friendly cows mooing alongside me in sympathy. Luckily, I’ve got a bit more open minded about just taking whatever comes, which is good as the cardiologist emphasised that the most important thing would be keeping my adrenaline levels down as much as possible – so lots of pain relief and probably pushing for a C-section earlier if things go on too long. Anyway, at least I’ve realised now the very obvious fact that there’s only so much planning we can do for these things, so I’m just going to see what happens.

That all feels like a long way off and not so much time at all.


‘Baby needs Nutella’ is a legitimate excuse right?


4 thoughts on “28 Weeks Ramblings

  1. As one of the people from the household of the unfortunate, I can say that – from my perspective at least – I’m glad that you’re blogging about your pregnancy. For a few weeks in January it was hard, and I deliberately let your posts pile up in my RSS reader. But it’s okay now: and I’m genuinely excited about the forthcoming appearance of MiniReegz.

    So don’t stop. And feel free to have a moan about it all, too: you deserve the chance to have a good complain (and the forewarning might hopefully be useful to those dearest to me, in the future, too).

    All the love and hugs;

    • Yep, I’m enjoying reading about your pregnancy and I wouldn’t miss the chance to feel like we’re right there with you through this exciting time. Ok, I may have left a few of your posts unread for a little while, but seriously I couldn’t be more thrilled for you guys and I hope it all continues to go well 🙂

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