25 Week Ramblings

Bye bye feet!

I’ll keep off the gin, avoid the brie and cranberry baguettes, but I just can’t stop licking the spoon when I’m making cakes! Oh well, I can’t have willpower all the time. And I seem to be making cakes a lot at the moment. I can’t tell if I have more of a sweet tooth than usual, or if this is what I would be like anyway, if I knew I would be putting on weight anyway.

I had my 25 week check up this week, and the midwife, who I’d not met before, very usefully reminded me that I should be eating ‘a healthy diet’. No more info than that, which, if I wasn’t the type of person to have Googled everything already anyway, wouldn’t have been particularly helpful. A ‘healthy diet’ can mean a lot of things! I didn’t click with her as much as I did with the last midwife, who seemed so excited for me that you’d think she’d never met a pregnant woman before!

I came away from the appointment feeling a bit rubbish really. I had to, again, explain Long QT Syndrome and how I knew I had it, and was again made to feel like I’m just being a worrywart. I’m not worried about myself, pregnancy actually seems to put women with Long QT at lower risk (although the risk increases in the 9 months after giving birth). But as it can be inherited I am obviously worried about MiniRegz. What my brother died of was sort of an adult version of cot death, so I know I’m going to be anxious, just like every parent really I guess. But I hate being made to feel I’m worrying over nothing, I just want to be prepared for what can and can’t be done. I’m on the waiting list to see the cardiologist, but I’m pretty sure MiniRegz will be here by the time I get an appointment!

I have learnt a useful lesson this week though – don’t make asparagus tarts the night before a midwife appointment…


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