22 Weeks Ramblings


I hate photos of myself, but I know I’ll be sad if I don’t have any photos of bump. This is me trying to take a self-portrait in the snow, trying not to slip on the ice while getting into shot on time. There was one of me smiling but it was terrifying. Why has my face gone all pudgy? There’s no baby in my face! Unfair.

Bump seems to have popped up out of nowhere over the last couple of weeks. So now I’m desperately trying to wear all the clothes I’m not going to be able to for the next months. I’m till trying to go to Tae Kwon Do, and am supposedly meant to be doing another grading in a few weeks, although I’m a bit unsure my baby brain is going to let me remember my patterns. I also tried roller skating again this week and felt my centre of gravity was kind of off. Also didn’t appreciate drunk people trying to steady themselves by grabbing my waist! I think my skates are going to have to stay in the loft for a bit longer.

Apart from fighting with my clothes, I feel well. I’ve hit a bit of an uncomfortable spot with my sleeping, which has unhappily coincided with my night shifts, turning me into a bit of a zombie. I am really worried about the sleep deprivation I’m going to be facing, knowing how  badly I function on not enough sleep. I’m just hoping MiniReegz needs to sleep as much as I do!


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