Just a minute


Watching: the snow fall from my window. It’s days like these I wish I didn’t work from home. Apart from that, lots and lots of Parks and Recreation.

Reading: A book called Declare by Tim Powers, which I borrowed from Andy. It’s a supernatural spy thriller set in the Cold War. A bit different to what I usually read but I’m enjoying it. I’ve just finished Wild by Cheryl Strayed, which I loved. It’s the memoir of a woman who walked the Pacific Crest Trail after losing her mum and the break up of her marriage. It made me want to get outside and hit the road (if I wasn’t feeling so lazy and perfectly happy where I am thank you very much).

Listening: New Low songs! Lots of LCD Soundsystem since watching Shut Up and Play the Hits at Christmas. The latest addition to my Where the Girls Are collection, lots of great pop-soul-girl-group.

Eating: The last of the Christmas cupcakes, a packet mix thing I bought thinking it would be a nice easy thing to whip up when we had people staying. We really didn’t need any more cake though! Apart from that I’ve been enjoying our fab new kitchen and making lots from River Cottage Veg Every Day.

Working on: A crochet blanket for MiniReegz. A patchwork granny square one that has been super quick to make up. I went along to knitting and crochet club last week with our lovely new neighbours and got a lot done. At the moment all MiniReegz possesses is this half-finished blanket and a copy of Each Peach Pear Plum!

Looking forward to: Going out in the snow later! And my Christmas present of a Spa Day  which I’ve booked for the week after next, the day before we go to Edinburgh. We’ve booked a meal at David Bann restaurant which sounds lovely. Hoping it’s not as snowy by then!


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