20 Weeks ramblings

Yesterday we had our 20 week scan, and like at the twelve week, I was half expecting the sonographer to tell me I’d been imagining it all. Which is even more silly now that I can feel MiniReegz wiggling around in there. My bump still isn’t anything that couldn’t be explained away by Christmas but it’s definitely there now. It’s kind of a frustrating stage to be at – I’d like to look more pregnant and not just like I’ve hit the Oreos with gleeful abandon, but I do also appreciate still fitting into most of my clothes!

Still, I can’t stop eating this week so I’m not sure how long I’ll be fitting into those clothes. Trying to get back into exercising after the Christmas lull. Tae Kwon Do has been especially fun. We had a sparring session on Friday and the instructor was at pains to make sure no-one actually hit me. “No contact with Sian. No eye contact with Sian. No going anywhere near Sian!” Which made for some fun pretend fights. I was about as fearsome as these guys!:


I’ve been trying to find some gentler ways to exercise as well. I’ve started going to a pregnancy yoga/active birthing class which has been a bit more relaxing. Although there was a terrifying moment where I thought we were all going to have do perineal massage in class. No ta!

Otherwise I’m just taking it easy at the moment. Life is pretty quiet, just trying to get the house sorted. Looking forward to Edinburgh in a couple of weeks, and then the big 3-0 soon (no boozy end to my twenties for me!). And then it’ll be May before we know it. So excited to meet the little dude/dudette!


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