Christmas belly


Christmas seems like a long time ago now already. As I was working Christmas day, we delayed ‘proper’ Christmas by a couple of days and Andy’s family came down. It was lovely having them to stay and it really made the new house feel like a home. Although as lovely as it was, introverted me was a bit relieved when it was just Andy and I again!

Just as my body will be relieved when ‘Christmas eating’ is officially over. Having the thought that ‘Hey, I’m getting fat anyway’ in my head, has not helped me to show restraint in any way while eating over Christmas!

This year was our first attempt at cooking Christmas dinner, and I was pretty impressed with how we did. We didn’t kill each other or anything. So, just for my own benefit in case we make it again this year and to save me scrabbling around trying to remember what we made, here are the recipes we followed:

Festive Filo Pillow

Brussels Sprouts with lemon, garlic and toasted hazelnut crumbs

Honey Roast Parsnips and Carrots with Parmesan

Traditional Braised Red Cabbage with Apples

And now, as my body is screaming for non-chocolate based food, to make my second batch of raw cabbage and sprouts salad, yum…



The cards I made this year. Good old Washi Tape. 


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