We’ve been in our new home for just over a week now. It’s slowly starting to become a home rather than a meeting place for boxes.

I’m looking forward to when it looks a bit more like the photos I’ve been looking at excitedly for the past few months.


These are from the website of the carpenter who renovated the house. His website also has fascinating photos of how it looked before! They’ve done an amazing job. We had a lovely welcome when we got here. As well as a card and bottle of wine from the sellers, we also had two boxes of brownies from our new neighbours as well as a card warning that their cat might visit. And lo, most days since we’ve had a visit or three from said kitty.


It feels like it’s been a crazy couple of weeks, and I think I’ve been pushing myself beyond the point where my body was telling me to chill out a bit. I bought Andy tickets to see Pulp in Sheffield for his birthday, which happened to fall in the middle of all the moving fun. It was a great gig, and we had a brilliant view – until I managed to faint after getting all excited when they played Babies. Sorry to Andy and the random lovely lady who helped to carry me out!


So this week has been more about chilling out. Christmas will have to wait until next week, I don’t have the capacity for you right now. I think it’s a mixture of tiredness, the usual night shift blues and getting used to living in the city again but I’m feeling really raw right now. I’m flitting from being overjoyed at having our own house to make a home and getting excited at the life we’ll be living here, to bawling my eyes out listening to Sharon Van Etten and feeling on edge every time I hear footsteps going past the window. I think I can blame that last one on living in a top floor flat for the last couple of years!

I wish I was getting more than three days break over Christmas. My mind needs unwinding, even if it’s mostly good exciting stuff that it’s tangled up in.


3 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. you gotta chill out as much as possible! put everything else on the back burner and make andy do everything! stress and fainting is bad… it sucks that you gotta work so much and night shifts doesnt help… if there’s anything we can do to help, just let us know. cariad mawr xxx

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