Despite the weather’s best efforts, I had such a nice weekend. I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude recently. I guess Thanksgiving over the pond has contributed to that, along with posts on ceriselle and Falling Forward.

So I just wanted to make a note of how grateful I am for this weekend.

Grateful to have Friday and Saturday night off work.

Grateful for good friends and cheesy music.

Grateful for Radio Wales for giving us some time to promote CRY’s new sibling grief booklet. Not so grateful for the early morning call, while I was in the shower, moving the interview forward by half an hour. Grateful it was radio, not TV. Not so grateful for noticing there was a studio webcam!

Grateful for making progress on packing and Christmas shopping.

Grateful for the mister who makes me laugh. (Really want to show you a picture of him trying on a hat in M&S but he would not be as amused as I was).

Grateful for good food at Bill’s restaurant. And the picky chef for making sure I wasn’t served sub-standard Mac & Cheese, my first one was apparently sent back. Not so grateful I was too full to have one of the delicious-looking puddings.

Grateful for festive fun with an adorable baby at the Penarth Christmas lights switch-on. Grateful the rain stopped for a bit, so I managed to get a better view of the Siren Sisters than this…

Grateful for cosy nights in with PieMinister and endless episodes of the Office.

And now I’m grateful for the week ahead. Ice skating tomorrow, after years of trying to persuade people to come with me to Cardiff Winter Wonderland!


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