Just a minute…

I put together a little crochet star garland to brighten up the new house when we move in. It’s based on Nicki Trench‘s pattern in Issue 17 of Mollie Makes, except I messed up the star pattern the first time, so because I wanted something mindless to do in front of the telly, I replaced it with a star pattern from The Royal Sisters.

I enjoyed forty percent fringe: sixty percent face‘s ‘Just a minute…’ feature and thought I’d play along. I came across this lovely blog when I was looking for how to join granny squares.

Watching: the new Walking Dead (grim!), Homeland, The Hour (I’ll have Bel Rowley’s wardrobe please).

Eating: Rubbish mostly. Far too many chocolate HobNobs and dirty dirty Dominos for tea last night. Looking forward to eating at the new Bill’s restaurant on Saturday though!

Reading: A book about children’s rights at the moment, along with a couple of books on coaching and mentoring. Just finished Terry Pratchett’s Nation and before that China Miéville’s The City & the City.

Working on: Packing, my learning journal for Coaching & Mentoring, a paper star garland for Christmas (which was a silly thing to start just before moving house, oh well).

Looking forward to: So many things! The parliamentary reception and my cousin’s wedding next week. Moving house the week after (well, not looking forward to the actual move but the bit afterwards!). Then Pulp in Sheffield. And also hoping to book a weekend in Edinburgh in the new year – any tips appreciated!


6 thoughts on “Just a minute…

  1. Oooh Edinburgh! You should go to the Jekyll and Hyde pub in the New Town, it’s got secret toilets and cocktails named after the seven deadly sins. And the Voodoo Rooms. And there’s a great vegetarian restaurant just off the Royal Mile (though I can’t remember it’s name right now). Plus also you should go up Arthur’s Seat or at least wander around the park – last time we were there I found a ruined chapel and an ancient well, it’s the best place for exploring! Ooh, and the first time we were there we went to a cemetery and it was really interesting but I don’t remember where that was either. Ok, maybe you need tips from someone with a better memory than me…

    Don’t go to Leith though. Leith is not fun.

    • Haha, I remember reading about Leith. I will give it a miss!
      Ooh, I remember going to that Jekyll and Hyde place when I was up there once briefly. Got very confused looking for the toilets!
      I’ll do some research on the veggie restaurant. ooh, excited now!

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