Pastures new

Since I sent the lovely Treena a link to my blog and realised I hadn’t written anything for an age I figured I might as well do a quick update post!

Things are moving apace with the house. We have a moving date, which has crept up rather quickly. 18 days until we get the keys. In between then I have to fit in a Parliamentary reception for CRY, and a wedding, along with some other fun stuff. I was hoping for a week off work, but have only been given two days which adds to the excitement (read: stress). Still, bookshelves are being emptied, the spice drawer has been cleared out and crap is being chucked. How can we accumulate so much crap in a year of being somewhere? I dread to think what it must be like to stay in the same place for twenty off years, with no incentive to reduce possessions to a minimum.

I’m going to miss living here. I liked being so near the woods, and I’m sad I never got to see it in the snow. Still, I’m looking forward to having a garden, my own little outside space to potter about in, and get my hoop on hopefully. I’ve missed hooping, the walls are too slopey and too light in this flat! I have a few marks to try and get off the ceiling before we leave…

Other than that I’ve been keeping busy trying to get some kind of fitness by taking up yet another new hobby. I went along to Tae Kwon Do with my friend Cat, whose mum takes the kids class, mostly just to catch up with Cat. A few weeks later I’ve passed my grading and got my yellow belt!

I wasn’t expecting to have to know so much theory. Still, at least I now know how to count to ten in Korean which may come in handy one day… I think I can only bear to do things to keep fit if I’m learning something at the same time.

Speaking of learning, I’ve also been studying Coaching & Mentoring at the lifelong learning centre at the uni. I’ve found it to be really complementary to both what I do at work and the bereavement support volunteering. Plus the group is great, with a lot of varied viewpoints, which leads to lots of interesting discussions about theory and practice, which I miss working mostly from home. I’m hoping to do another course on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in the new year, if I can scrape enough money together after buying boring things like a washing machine and a fridge!

But for now, onto Christmas prep! Christmas is going to be a bit skint and rushed this year, and the fact I’m working Christmas Day again isn’t great, but I am looking forward to my three days off! I finally made my Christmas cake and some slow gin this week so I’m starting to feel festive. I’m hoping I get enough time to decorate our house as ostentatiously as the pub near my mum and dad’s.



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