Liebster Award

I was tagged by Jennifer over at the lovely Sail the Ship for something called a Liebster Award. Thought I’d have a go!

What to do:
Each Blogger must post 11 things about themselves
Answer the 11 questions that the tagger has asked you
Choose 11 people and tag them in this post
Ask them 11 questions

11 random things about me

I was once on a Welsh photography show for children reviewing underwater cameras. Somewhere out there, there is TV footage of me in a swimsuit which makes me unhappy.

I was right show off at primary school and, along with a group of friends, regularly insisted that the rest of the class watch us perform snippets of Shakespeare, along with plays of our own creation, including the classic Ryan Giggs yn yr Amser Hud (Ryan Giggs in the Time of Magic) in which our eponymous hero travels back in time and has to outsmart evil Celtic druids by using magic tricks from a Paul Daniels set.

I was also a writer of rather epically bad poetry and short stories, including the brilliant A Bay of Hope in which a young girl is cured of her unspecified disability by dolphins. As well as falling in love with the Mexican but also cockney son of a marine biologist called Dr Spong.

I am very squeamish about anything to do with eyes. And also the thought of fish touching me while swimming. Snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef was probably a bit wasted on me.

I once worked as a face to face fundraiser, or ‘chugger’ if you prefer, for a whole fortnight. I was rubbish at it. I got punched by a drunk guy, turned down by Victor Meldrew, shouted at by old ladies and offered drugs. I told them I would buy some smack if they donated £5 a month to the charity but they weren’t having any of it. This does give me some sympathy for chuggers when I’m approached in the street (but not too much).

I passed exams in grade one harp, grade two piano and grade 6 ballet.

This year marks fifteen years of me being vegetarian, which means I’ve now spent more of my life being veggie than not.

I was offered a place at Oxford but wanted to go and live by the sea instead. My parents were happy with this. My teacher was not. He phoned Oxford to tell them I was not quite right in the head and so needed more time to make my decision. How rude!

When I was 8 I got into the habit of watching Star Trek: TNG three times a day. Wesley Crusher was my first crush. I was so cool.

I used to be a huge Beatles fan. I was a member of a Beatles slash fanfic community, once queued for eight hours in the snow to get Paul McCartney’s autograph (and didn’t get his autograph) and had a penpal in New York with whom I used to swap Wings albums. Told you I was cool.

I have a heart condition which has been described as having a ‘ticking timebomb’ for a heart. This makes me very grateful for each day (but also doesn’t stop me from enjoying a good moan about things).

If you could have any job – what would it be, and why?
I’d be a llama farmer! Making crafts from their fibre and running a llama therapy centre for children with autism or communication difficulties.
What is your favourite food?
I really can’t pick! I tend to prefer things that are a bit sweet, a bit savoury. Brie and cranberry, veggie dhansak, that kind of thing. I’m glad I’m vegetarian otherwise I would take far too long to choose at restaurants.
What is your favourite movie?
My comfort movies are A Hard Day’s Night and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. There are better films, and films I enjoy watching more, but when I’m down I can put one of these on and talk along with the dialogue and it helps.
What is your favourite olympic event?  
Rhythmic gymnastics! Although I didn’t catch any of it this year for some reason. I might have to catch up with it on iPlayer. I was surprised to find myself engrossed in pretty much every event I happened to find on telly.
What is your favourite season?
Ooh, not sure. I think Autumn. I love getting tights and boots and cardigans out of the cupboard again, and there’s that back-to-school feeling of starting things afresh.
When did you find out that Santa wasn’t real?
I can’t remember. I think it was just a gradual realisation of how ridiculous the very notion is!
If you could do things over, would you?
I wonder sometimes how things might have turned out differently if I’d made different decisions at various points in my life. I also wish I’d treated some people better than I did, but doing things over again? I don’t find it helpful to think that way because it just doesn’t work that way. I prefer to think about the lessons I’ve learnt from my mistakes and how I might do things differently in the future.
From the ModCloth blog
What is your favourite thing to do in summer?
Eat outside. Food always tastes better outside! I bought a brilliant picnic set this summer but haven’t used it nearly enough. I’m hoping to do something about that this weekend as we’re off camping in West Wales.
Who do you admire and why?
All the people I know who have been through tough times and got through it with guts and grace. Especially my friend Bethan who has been through a lot over the years but keeps fighting the good fight and is busy making a difference to those receiving eating disorder services in South Wales. She’s a star and a real inspiration.
What would your last meal be?
When I’m ill or upset I tend to crave spaghetti hoops on toast, so I guess if it was my last meal I would most likely be upset and possibly ill so that I guess!
Snog Marry Avoid: Ryan Gosling, Henry Rollins or Jake Gyllenhaal?
Marry Ryan Gosling, snog Henry Rollins and avoid Jake Gyllenhaal if I must (although I probably wouldn’t say no, ha!)
Well, that was a bit of a ramble. As I said, I’m off camping today so I should probably be packing for that (and looking for my mac and wellies by the look of it), so I don’t have time to think up 11 questions or 11 people! If anyone fancies a go, go for it (Eleanor? Laura?)!

One thought on “Liebster Award

  1. That is so amazing you got an Oxford place! Did you do an interview? I’m gonna do this questiony thing!!

    And yes we must meet for tea when we’re both back – have a lovely camping trip 🙂 x

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