Crafty stuff

For Andy’s birthday I got him a few different bits: a photo book of Pagan Wanderer Lu photos and flyers from over the years, a bag he wanted, his annual wardrobe injection of t-shirts from Threadless, a couple of Curb your Enthusiasm DVDs, a Peanuts book to add to his collection, a personalised moleskine along with some Twin Peaks pencils to write in it with. I also got him a couple of Pulp tickets for their Sheffield gig in December (well, one ticket technically, I’m keeping one of them!) and also attempted to make him a Kindle cover.

I used the instructions on this blog. It’s a tad wonky, as all of my sewing turns out to be, but hopefully he was pleased with it and it should do the job! I thought I’d make one for myself  as well with some Amy Butler fabric I had. So yesterday was spent watching horses and gymnastics (I usually find sport on TV unfailingly boring but I’m finding myself a bit addicted to the Olympics!) and doing some sewing. I also put together the luggage tag that was the free gift with the latest edition of Mollie Makes (except I was lazy and used washi tape to stick the acetate onto the fabric, as I can’t be doing with hand sewing). So now I should be all set for holiday!


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