Happy birthday mister!

At the weekend it was my favourite man’s birthday. 30!

Andy, I promise the old man jokes will stop soon (well, maybe when I get to my own thirtieth birthday next year!). We’ve been through so much together. One of the first things we did together was celebrate my 21st birthday in Barcelona. That seems like both a long time ago and no time at all. I can’t believe we’re now celebrating your 30th. I’m looking forward to celebrating lots more birthdays with you my love.

Because it ain’t a party without a bit of Black Lace

Andy had a party at the weekend to mark the big day and it was so lovely to see everyone, especially those who had made the trek from far away. My feet were killing by the end of the night from dancing which is a good sign. Dancing to indie in a dark sticky basement followed by disgusting but amazing chips and cheese – even though we’re getting older not much has changed since nights at The Bay at uni. Long may it continue!

I got to play a few songs at the start of the night. Unfortunately all my CDs burnt in a bit of an odd way, leaving me with no idea with what I was playing. Never mind, it was more fun going through my CDs beforehand and rediscovering some brilliant tunes.

This was the kind of thing I was going to play anyway (might need to click through to see the playlist!):


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