New House!

And so, we prepare to move house yet again! This time hopefully we’ll be there a bit longer as we’ll have no annoying landlord to boot us out. That’s not fair, we haven’t been told we have to go yet, but having a big For Sale sign outside the front of the flat doesn’t make me feel particularly settled.

We put an offer down on a house last week and it was accepted so now all the fun admin stuff begins. It feels like we went from 0 to 60 from considering buying a house to getting the offer accepted, although it didn’t feel that way when we were schlepping around Cardiff viewing houses. I’ve discovered I’m not very good at viewing houses, I am very easily swayed by whether the current occupant had good books or a sitar or something. Did you know, approximately 90% of Cardiff households own a copy of David Mitchell’s One Day, according to my, admittedly limited, survey?

So now we wait. And make the most of what time we have left living in the ‘country’ (not really the country but definitely feels that way compared to Splott where we will be living!)

I’m quite excited to own a house after all these years – to be able to dye my hair red and not worry if the bathroom ends up looking like a crime scene, to be able to rollerskate in the kitchen without worrying about the tiles, to hoop in the living room and not worry if I scuff the ceiling. I’m going to paint ALL THE WALLS ALL THE COLOURS and put picture hooks everywhere I can. And get an army of cats, an army I tell you!


4 thoughts on “New House!

  1. VYou’re going to be living in Splott? That’s awesome; I love that place!

    I mean… I don’t really know anything about it and I’ve only been to it once, while I was lost and looking for a conference, but it’s got the coolest name of any place ever. Splott! Splott! It’s just great fun to say. You can’t say it without smiling.

    • I know right! Because it can be a bit rough around the edges, some estate agents have taken to calling it Upper Bay. Why would you not want to call it Splott? I’m looking forward to giving it as my address!

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