Crochet Blanket

I have finally finished my crochet blanket! It’s been over a year in the making. I had tried and failed with crochet for years, ever since being given a crochet kit as a gift from a friend. The same friend who taught me to knit while I was at university. We would spend afternoons knitting in cafes, even at the odd gig. I remember a particularly blissful few hours spent sitting at the castle with Andy just knitting and watching the sea. I still have the scarf, which is in beautiful sea-like yarn of shimmering blues, greens and purples.

Last year I went to a workshop at Calon Yarns, a local craft shop and studio, in order to try and turn myself into a happier hooker. I was on nights that weekend which tends to turn my brain to mush, and indeed that’s what happened on this day. I was almost in tears trying to get my head round it. Luckily they were very patient and kind with me, although it wasn’t until I got home that it seemed to all make sense.

After from some crochet bunting, this was my first big crochet project. It’s the first project from Nicki Trench’s lovely Cute and Easy Crochet book and made with various shades of Rico Creative Cotton. I must admit I didn’t make quite as many squares as I was supposed to, but they had moved house with me already and I didn’t want to move again without having finished the blasted thing. It’s not the tidiest thing ever, but it is colourful and cosy.


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