I’m an Adviser Advocate, Get Me Out of Here!

Work Team Building Day. Four words to instil fear in anyone’s heart. Luckily I work in a brilliant team, so I had an awesome day!

After a car boogie down the motorway to some Motown hits, we met up with the rest of the team at the Gower Heritage Centre. Here we were to meet Andrew of Dryad Bushcraft, who was to be our instructor for the day. From here we went a bit further into the woodland  to our base. The fire was already going and it felt really cosy and welcoming. Our first task for the day was to gather more wood for the fire, so Andrew talked to us about the properties of the different trees in the woodland. I have so little knowledge of things like that, I feel really disconnected from nature sometimes. It makes me sad that if I had children I wouldn’t be able to tell them about the different trees, flowers or birds, I need to do something about it!

Then we did a bit of work on knife skills and I’m glad to say I still have all ten of my fingers, as well as a nifty tent peg I made! We also carved some stakes on which we would cook some mackerel and trout over the fire. Next job was preparing the fish. I really psyched myself up for this, I was going to have a go at gutting the fish even if I wasn’t going to eat it, just to see if I could. But, in what was probably a lucky escape, we ran out of fish! I didn’t go hungry anyway as there were plenty of cream teas – very civilised!

We had a go at different ways of starting fires and I learnt a rather interesting fact about using bellybutton fluff as a fire starter. Towards the end of the day we had a go at air rifle shooting, something I’ve not tried before. I wasn’t particularly good at it so I wouldn’t join my team in the case of a zombie apocalypse I’m afraid!

The weather was so kind to us considering how it’s been recently. It was lovely just getting away from screens for the whole day and getting to hang out with the amazing team I work in. ‘Get Outside’ is one of the things I try to remind myself to do when things get too much or I just need a break. This day was definitely a much needed recharge. Well, until we went out that night to celebrate. My batteries definitely needed recharging again after that!



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