Quick crafty bits

Much of this week has been spent seeing new houses and thinking about putting an offer in on one (eep!). It’s a bit cosier than we might have liked, but has a really nice feel to it. So, lots to think about! Apart from that I’ve been consuming a whole lot of Dexter while sewing up my crochet blanket. I’m determined to finish the thing before we move house again (and before any more babies get ideas about messing it up! Love this photo by Eleanor of Moss trampling through the squares after I’d laid them out!)

I can’t wait to finish the bastard thing so I can get on with some other crafty bits! I did manage to find time this week to put together this quick birthday card for a friend, using the washi tape I picked up in an amazing shop called Tokyu Hands in Tokyo.

This is pretty much my go-to design for cards at the moment as it’s so quick and easy, and kind of cute I think. It will have a message on the front when I get round to finding the pen I need! Inspiration from here.

I’m hoping this friend doesn’t read this blog as I’ll be giving it to her tonight when we go out for food. Apart from that, the weekend will mostly consist of working and more house deliberating!


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