Home is where we start from

We’ve been in our current place for about 8 months now. So any of you who know us will know that it’s time for us to start thinking about moving on!

It’s not that we like moving house, although we are getting rather good at it, but we are a bit restless. There’s always something not quite right, noisy neighbours, not enough light, not enough space. Finally we’ve found a flat that has plenty of space, is in a great location and is laid out perfectly for home-based shift working – so of course the landlord has decided to sell. 

Which means that we’re looking to buy for the first time.

The places I’ve called home 

It’s all very confusing, but exciting at the same time. Up until now, whenever I’ve thought about the idea of buying a house, I’ve always been able to physically feel the weight of dragging a house behind me, just like I feel a weight on my chest every time I look at those houses on Rightmove that are full to the brim with ‘stuff’. I love those images of bohemian homes cluttered with books, cushions and exotic knick-knacks, but the thought of living amongst that mess? No thanks! Not to say I’m a tidy person or a minimalist but too much stuff does get to me! I have a great photo book called People and Possessions by New Internationalist which shows 30 different families sitting outside their houses surrounded by their belongings – ranging from a a few rugs and cooking utensils to an explosion of gadgets, books and furniture. It’s useful to look at whenever I’m trying to decide what ‘stuff’ I really need to cart around with me.

Slightly off the point maybe, but one of the benefits of constantly moving house is that we’re forced to think about which of our possessions are useful or meaningful. Another advantage is that I love getting to know new neighbourhoods, even if we’ve just moved around the corner. Each place has its own rhythm and secrets and I love the novelty of discovering these.

However, recently the idea of staying in one place for a longer amount of time is appealing more. And so we find ourselves looking for a house to buy, and battling with the eternal dilemma of a nicer house vs a nicer location. Of course, I want a house that looks like every single picture on my Pinterest Futurehaus board, and it must be in the centre of town but with a porch overlooking the sea and a forest at the bottom of the garden. Oh, and preferably with a swimming pool bedroom. That’s doable right?



4 thoughts on “Home is where we start from

  1. That swimming pool bedroom looks like it’d smell of chlorine. No thanks!

    On the other hand, wrestling matches on the bed would be extra fun when “pushing your opponent into the pool” was a legitimate move!

    • Good point, hadn’t thought of the smell – I think I could put up with it for the wrestling advantages – although I’d probably end up soaked every time I got up in the night.

  2. Wow – that pinterest board is inspiring! I want all of those rooms! Imagine being in a house where you can paint a wall teal 🙂 I can’t wait to have a house that I can paint….!

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