Catching up & Hanging out

We took advantage of a now all too rare weekend off to visit Oxfordshire at the weekend, to see many of its fine inhabitants!

A lot of the weekend revolved around food (as many of the good ones do).

A quick sandwich in Wantage square for lunch…

Haha, I love that photo. Sorry Andy!

A lovely Thai meal, Beancurd in ginger sauce followed by Jasmine tea in this cute little elephant.

And for Sunday lunch the next day I had a gorgeous roast dinner – with a side of baked camembert! (It was supposed to be on the side but the pub got mixed up – still, any meal can be improved by a side of cheese in my opinion!)

It was really nice to have some time to hang out and see people (and I’m very much looking forward to meeting Baby Richardson when he makes his appearance later this year – he’s going to have brilliant parents!).

I feel like time has been passing me by really quickly in some ways recently, and I haven’t been seing friends or family as much as I’d like. I was reminded how important it is to make the time when I got home after the weekend to hear some really sad news that the sister of one of my brother’s friends has died from cancer. Such sad news, she was so young. 2012 seems to have been a shit of a year so far for so many people. Here’s hoping it gets better for everyone.


2 thoughts on “Catching up & Hanging out

  1. Somehow I’d lost my subscription to your blog, and missed out on the last few posts. Boo!

    But now I’m back, and catching up on what I missed. Hooray!

    Great to see you this weekend. Hope you can make it over again sometime soon (perhaps even for a film night or something).

    • Welcome back! Lovely to see you all this weekend. I’m working the next film night sadly 😦 but we’re definitely up for one in the future. Hopefully see you at Andy’s party!x

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