Hoop Path

On Sunday I risked the wrath of the Bristol curse (which makes me lost, every bloody time I go there), and went to a hooping workshop.

Of course I got lost on the way there. Thanks to Murray (my satnav) for deciding he would switch off just as I got to Bristol, I had to rely on panicking and going round in circles. Until I eventually stopped to check the map on my phone and found I’d ended up a couple of minutes away somehow! The hoops on the gate gave it away.

So I was a bit stressed when I got there. And it didn’t help that I haven’t really picked up a hoop since moving house last autumn (except for once when I managed to scratch the ceiling and quickly put it away). I was also only turning up to the third workshop of three, so I was wondering what I’d missed. Plus it was blimmin freezing.

I was soon put at ease. Baxter is an amazing teacher. The workshop, called Open Air, looked at using the hoop as a tool in movement meditation practice. We were led through a number of different exercises, from learning how to hoop warrior-style, to exercises without the hoop such as blindfolded dancing meditations. Once I got over the fear that I was going to be the only one still moving while everyone else had taken their blindfolds off (!) I found these exercises particularly beautiful, even if the hooping is what I’d gone for. It reminded me of how I felt at the 5Rhythms workshop at last year’s Hoop Gathering. I love having the freedom to just move in mad, crazy ways, and knowing everyone else was blindfolded definitely helped!

It was such an inspiring day. I’ve been sending out late night emails to local halls to see if I can take my hoops there for a practice session, so I don’t go knocking chunks out of the flat! You never know, one day Dinky Poo might follow Bristol in being Hoop Community of the Year! Erm…



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