Egyptian Shumba!

I can’t believe I went to Egypt all those months ago without constantly playing this song. It only occurred to me today!

I adore this song! It was the last track on a compilation I bought in my last year of uni, called Girls go Zonk!!, a collection of mostly obscure US 60s girl group songs compiled by Mick Patrick. There’s loads of other gems on that album, but this one blew my mind!

Egypt itself was pretty mindblowing. We were there during the time of the Parliamentary elections so it was an interesting time. A great place for contrasts, as Flaubert said. Before going, I had read a book about trips taken down the Nile by Flaubert and Florence Nightingale. Their time, to me, seems so long ago, so to see these tombs and temples still standing as they’d described was pretty amazing. Really sad to read about the riot at Port Said this week.


The Camel Centipede


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