One of my goals for the year is to try and take more photos. To help this I’m aiming to take at least a photo a day and save it in Picasa. I’ve made it a whole month so far! Which is about 29 days more than the previous two years I’ve tried this! Not that they’re particularly exciting photos. It feels like it’s been a pretty quiet January, with post-Christmas downtime, and finishing off my counselling course, and I don’t feel like I’ve been outside as much as I’d like! Although I have started new bellydance, burlesque and NIA classes to try and keep active. Which is good as there seems to be a lot of pictures of cake, considering I was trying to eat healthily this month…

Frosty Cardiff, on my way to a Youth Mental Health First Aid course (which was excellent). 

Shiny! The new coin belt I bought in Egypt, now being put through its paces in bellydancing.

Looking through baby pictures for a ‘team-building’ thingy in work. I seem to be covered in food in most of them. Explains a lot!


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