Oy Oy Oy!

So I had my first successful go on an OYBike today. Third time lucky – first time the bike didn’t want to, well, move (which I find is a handy quality to have in a bike) and the second time I rocked up to the rental location to find no bikes left.

Today, before starting work, I had to drop off a file at an office in town (which will hopefully lead to me getting an advocacy qualification as long as I’ve filled everything in properly). I walked through the park to get there, and what a gorgeous autumnal walk it was, crunchy leaves underfoot and the wind whipping through my hair, rendering me a right Cousin It. I didn’t have much time to get back and make lunch before my shift (spicy butternut squash soup – I love autumn!) so thought I”d take a chance on an OYBike.

So previous experience hadn’t been too good, and I hadn’t heard great things about them either, so I was a bit worried. However, I’d paid a whole pound to register (usually £18 for a year), so I thought I’d better use it and get my money’s worth. There were plenty of bikes outside City Hall which was a good start, and the renting bit of the process was pretty easy.

Actually riding the thing, jeez! Now, I know absolutely nothing about bikes, despite being a regular customer of the lovely Pedal Power over the years while I was a befriender for the National Autistic Society, and this could entirely be my fault and not the bike’s. It was pretty damn windy, and I had been to the gym in the morning for the first time in far too long so my legs were complaining a bit before I started, but the bike felt so heavy to use! I was a big sweaty mess and pretty cream crackered by the time I got to Pontcanna Fields. However, I could tell how jealous everyone was of my giant yellow bike so that was a bonus!

It was free though as I’d had it for under 30 minutes so I can’t complain too much. It was pretty convenient for just hopping on and off quickly. Especially for those of us who live in flats where the purchase of a bike would take up pretty much the entirety of any remaining free space. If I wanted it for longer than 30 minutes though, I think I’d stick to the nice, non-leg-demolishing bikes at Pedal Power!


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