La Route du Rock

Just about recovered from the weekend now, except for being pretty deaf in one ear. We thought we’d have a go at combining holiday and festival-going so we spent the weekend at La Route du Rock festival in St Malo.

The line-up looked pretty good and the price of the ticket and the ferry to France was about the same as a ticket to a festival in this country.

I hadn’t been on a ferry for ages so I was a bit excited! I love standing on deck, feeling the sea breeze on my face, watching England fade into the distance. The novelty soon wore off when we had to try sleeping on the floor. Still, it didn’t feel like that long until we were in St Malo, walking along the walls of the city and eating macarons.

A couple of galettes later, we headed off to the campsite which was near the stage area. Annoyingly, once you were in the stage area, you couldn’t go out and back in again. Which was a bit of a pain, especially on the Saturday when it totally peed it down. We missed Battles as it was just too flippin wet to hang around. Still, we saw a lot of good bands anyway! Electralane and Blonde Redhead were especially good. Aphex Twin was more fun than I was expecting, and I was surprised by the amount of crowd-surfing and air guitar that was going on to Fleet Foxes!

When we weren’t watching bands, we pootled around the local village and St Malo, stuffing ourselves with bread, cheese, pain au chocolat, macarons and more macarons, and drinking a whole lot of cider, which I managed to convince myself was the healthy option. I could definitely have done with a few more days out there! Still, I have the rest of the week off work and am off to sunny Birmingham tomorrow for some more eating, drinking and general merry-making.

I only really know I’m on holiday if I’m drinking peach ice tea. 


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