Running away with the circus

Last weekend I tried to get one step nearer to my dream of quitting my job and running away with the circus (and then becoming a llama farmer). I’ve had so much fun hooping I thought I’d see what else was out there, and went to an introduction to circus skills day at No Fit State circus.

When I got there I was a bit worried as it turned out the person leading the workshop was someone who’d had to very patiently try and fix me up after a hoop bit me at class a few weeks ago and made my foot bleed for what seemed like hours (seriously, those plastic hoops are dangerous). Luckily she was lovely!

First up we tried juggling, which is something I’ve just always said I can’t do without ever really trying. Ok, so now I’ve tried and I still can’t do, but that’s not the point! I was definitely getting better at it by the end. And at least it’s something I can practice at home.

Unlike trapeze, which came next. Oh how I would love my own trapeze! This was so much fun even though my arms complained vigorously for days afterwards. Getting up on the thing was hard enough. I also made the mistake of wearing a baggy top – not such a good idea when you’re hanging upside down! Apologies to the rest of the class for flashing them, luckily there were only three of us! Still, lesson learned. No Fit State do a beginners trapeze course which I am very tempted by.

Next we had a go on the tightwire. Now, I have to say that I had managed about two hours sleep before this class as I was on night shifts at the time, and that is totally the reason I couldn’t balance at all, honest! Luckily the wire was not very far off the ground and surrounded by crash mats.

We then had a go at unicycling. By ‘having a go’ I mean I sat on the unicycle and clung desperately to the wall. As much I am jealous of the gang of lads I used to see unicycling around the city centre, I think there’s a reason bicycles have won the popularity game – two wheels are better than one.

We finished with the most terrifying of them all – acrobalance. I didn’t know what this was. Now I know that it means standing on complete strangers while repeatedly apologising and trying not to break them. Being the base wasn’t so bad but I don’t think I’m destined to be a flyer.

I was shattered by the end, but it was loads of fun.


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