Hooping it Up

Last weekend I drove up to the wilds of Shropshire for a couple of days of hoopy goodness. I was all on my todd and had no idea what to expect!

Unfortunately, because of work, I’d managed to miss the welcome and introductions, so was thrown right in at the deep end with a two-hour 5 Rhythms dance workshop. 5 Rhythms is a movement meditation practice, which boiled down to a load of people throwing themselves around a yurt to Justin Timberlake amongst other things. Good times! It was actually pretty awesome and a great way to start the weekend.

The rest of the weekend was also fab. There was lots of hooping (as one might expect), so lots of new things to practice. I’ve already bashed the living room lampshade onto the floor trying out my new moves! We learnt a burlesque routine which we had to perform later, luckily after some free wine. There were some awesome hoop performances, great food, and brook-paddling. Highlight of the weekend was definitely the fire-hooping! Andy won’t let me get a fire hoop to practice in the flat though, boo 😦 Luckily, I managed not to burn myself with the spinning flames, the sun did a good job of rectifying that the next day though, ouch!

Thoroughly fantastic weekend and big thanks to Gems at UK Hoop Gathering for organising it all!


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