Here’s a llama, there’s a llama…

I finally got round to claiming my Christmas present on Monday. Andy had bought me a voucher for a half-day llama trek in the Herefordshire hills. The weather sure didn’t feel Christmassy, but I sure was excited as a kid waiting for Santa!

After a brief stop for lunch in Abergavenny, we made our way to Old King Street Farm, where we met our companions for the day. First of all we had to catch, harness and groom them, which was fun!

This was my llama, Stanton Drew (all the llamas were named after archaeological sites – awesome!). He’s a year old, and was such a sweetie. Look at those eyelashes!

This was Andy’s llama, Stennes. He didn’t like the pigs we came across on our walk. He gave them right evils.

We also came across a group of Exmoor ponies who seemed very interested in the llamas. The human residents of the village, on the other hand, seemed completely unperturbed to see a group of llamas wandering down the street, they must be used to them by now!

Since Monday I’ve been researching the possibility of quitting my job and becoming a llama farmer. A girl can dream!


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