St Athan Boys Village

St Athan Boys Village is a derelict holiday camp, that was originally built for the sons of mining families. Andy and I drove past it last week on the way back from the beach and thought we’d go back and have a bit of a look around.

The camp, which opened in 1925, included two dining halls, dormitories, workshops, concert hall, sports hall, swimming pool, putting green, tennis courts, football rugby and cricket pitches, a chapel and war memorial.

The site has been derelict since the 1990s and demolition work started in 2008. Many of the buildings have now been cleared, and what’s left is covered in graffiti.

The day we went was beautifully sunny. I can’t imagine how much more bleak it must feel on a typically Welsh overcast day.

It felt really sad to be walking around seeing it in such a state, thinking of the memories people must have of the place.

The place was put up for auction last year.

There’s an interesting slideshow with more information on the BBC News website, and a few more photos here.


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