I seriously can’t believe how quickly 2011 is going! I’ve been busy starting a new job, starting a photography course, completing the first year of my counselling course, doing a few hooping classes with No Fit State circus, not surprising people but plenty of surprising myself.

We also went to Berlin for the weekend to mark our anniversary (what did I tell you about time going quickly? A year – seriously?! And that’s now a month ago!). I’ve been to Berlin once before, a trip that resulted in me buying my first, and probably last, techno CD. I was excited to go back.

We stayed… at the Circus Hostel for one night and then the Circus Hotel for the rest of the trip. We couldn’t stay there at the hotel the whole time as they were all booked up for Berlin Fashion Week, which Andy was very excited about of course. The hotel was lovely, would definitely recommend it. The staff were really friendly and helpful, the restaurant was lovely and a fab location.

We ate… lots, of course. Mediocre Mexican, yummy Italian, and we even found some vegetarian German food – the deliciously named Swaebische Spaetzle (or fried noodles to me and you). Probably the most underwhelming meal I had was the ‘Polish Cauliflower’ I had at the DDR Museum – which, being a cauliflower with breadcrumbs on top, was as exciting as it sounds! I also came to be rather fond of something called Back Factory, which was a pick-and-mix-type-bakery-thing, which they should definitely have over here.

We drank… muchos Mojitos, Pimms with Ginger ale, and of course beer, being in Germany. This was Berliner Weissbier, again in the DDR Museum. The red is flavoured with raspberry and the green with woodruff. I so wanted to steal these glasses!

We walked… miles! We did a couple of walking tours. I think Berlin’s the kind of city where you really need to know what it is you’re looking at. We could have walked over that car park without knowing it was Hitler’s bunker, for example. We did a general free tour, and then a tour of ‘alternative’ Berlin. I think we were a bit disappointed that the alternative tour was pretty much all about the street art, but I sure wasn’t looking at the wall scribbles in the same way by the end of it!

We danced… on the night of our anniversary at Clärchens Ballhaus, an oldfashioned ballroom where the crowd was mixed, the décor was kitsch and the drinks were strong. Loved it!

We shopped… at the Sunday fleamarket in Mauerpark, which was row upon row of tables of…stuff. Piles of old cameras, records, instruments, giant letters from signage… We didn’t buy anything but it was fun browsing. I did let myself buy a Diana Mini, I finished my first film today so we’ll see how that turns out. Andy also dragged me to a synth shop, or an ‘analogue wonderland’ as it was described to us. There was a dog, I liked the dog.

We didn’t… get to go on a Segway tour. Boo. StrokeyAdam had inspired me to arrange one, but the company let us down at the last minute, after much hanging around in freezing Alexanderplatz. I will go on a Segway one day, oh yes. Neither did we go to the Ramones museum, despite us walking back down the aisle to Baby I Love You! There was just too much to see I guess!

More photos on my picasa album.


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