Fings I like Friday

This is how Cardiff looked yesterday from the big wheel. Well, in my mind’s eye anyway. Where’s my snow?! S’been a bit lacking here in Cardiff of late I must say.

Still, I am not lacking in festive cheer. This week I have been enjoying decorating my mini tree, who I have named Mr Wonky for he is an unsymmetrical little fella, making paper chains, and bunting out of wrapping paper as I am too lazy to unpack my sewing machine, snuggling under the quilt to watch X-Files marathons , heading to St Fagans for male voice choirs and mince pies, drinking Apple Crumble cocktails (apple juice and gingerbread syrup, yum), making the flat smell lovely with my new cinnamon oil, and looking forward to a lovely long weekend stretching ahead of me with no plans apart from a jaunt to Bristol on Sunday for a gig. Lovely times.x


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