I’m over there!

It’s been a bit quiet on here recently, but I’m over on the lovely Hayley’s blog today, saying why I think you should all go get your hearts checked out! (You should all go read Hayley’s blog, although your bank balance might not thank you as she does tend to find lots of lovely stuff!)

It’s not been particularly quiet offline though. I’ve been busy moving house again (third place this year!), decluttering like crazy as (so over ‘stuff’!)  hooping at Brisfest, finding awesome new yoga and bellydance teachers, attending an awesome stag and hen party at which I found out that yes, paintball does hurt, and seeing Milky Way Magic Stars in a whole new light, trying acupuncture for the first time as a guinea pig for a friend, continuing my travels to Epsom for the Counselling Skills course, and getting ready for the C word with cake-making, chutney-burning and pudding-knitting.

Messing around with a hoop in Bristol

So life is pretty sweet at the moment. I have so much to be grateful for, and loads more to look forward to! Take care innit.


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