30 before 30

14 March 2013 – I will be turning the big 3-0. Before then I hope to be able to buy alcohol without showing ID (and lottery tickets. And pinking shears. Pinking shears! Seriously). As I’m beginning to think there’s a picture of me ageing in someone’s attic somewhere while I stay forever youthful-looking, I may not achieve this. However, there are some equally frivolous things that I also wish to achieve.

30 before 30 – the list

It’s a work in progress, as you can see. Of course there’s a million things I want to see/do/try, but I’m trying to keep the list vaguely compatible with ‘thing’ number one:

Me Stuff

1. Be debt-free.

2. Do a performance of some kind somewhere. Not on my own, don’t be silly.

3. Get a photograph published or used somewhere. This preferably doesn’t include the office annual report, but may have to if I get desperate.

4.  Successfully complete the 6 items or less challenge.

4.    Walk up Pen-y-fan. Because it’s just over there and I’ve never been! I am a bad ex-member of Aber Walking Club.

5.    Run 5k.

6.    Learn one measly song properly on the guitar.

7.  Read ten books that I haven’t already read, from some kind of best books list, probably this one.

The Housewife Challenge

8.  Knit at least 5 things.

9.   Host a dinner party. To which you are all invited of course!

10.   Sew at least one item of clothing. That survives at least one wear.

11.  Cook ten recipes from the Hummingbird Bakery book. I’ll definitely need to get training for that 5k after this one!

Going Places

12.  Go on a road trip. With no fixed destination, camping and proper top-down, wind in your hair travelling choons (but you know, with the roof up. I won’t be chooping up my Fiesta). This will preferably on somewhere like Route 66, although the A470 is more likely!

13.   See the sunrise at Summer Solstice (at Stonehenge preferably. I went a few years back and it was such a great atmosphere!)

14.     Go kayaking (I’m still annoyed at the great white shark who decided to attack someone at Byron Bay, thus causing the sea-kayaing session I had booked the next day to be cancelled.)

15.   Visit a European city I haven’t been to yet.

16.   Visit somewhere hot and exotic. Both hot and exotic are defined entirely by me. Yeah, I just want to go on holiday I suppose!

17.  Visit Scotland.

18.   Try scuba-diving.

So yes, still lots of spaces to fill but I’ll add them as and when they occur to me. I’ll let you know how I’m getting on! Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone else have a bucket list?

4 thoughts on “30 before 30

  1. I think MiTH might be hinting that he wants things baked for him! =o)

    Ah, 30. I could have put a list together like this myself. Might be cutting it a bit fine, now: I’ve only got three and a half months left!

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