Oxford Blues

Well, no blues involved really. We had a lovely time. Just an excuse to mention what is definitely my favourite rowing film of the 80s starring Rob Lowe:

We searched in vain for locations from the film (ok, less of the we – it’s me who has the atrocious film taste). We did however find the rather lovely Gardener’s Arms, where we ate big sticky veggie burgers  in the beer garden, until the heavens opened and we retreated inside to the cosy bar. If I could have taken the pub home with me I would have. Cardiff definitely needs a veggie pub.

We also stumbled across bridges and meadows, dreaming spires – but most importantly, we visited what is apparently the world’s oldest ham in the covered market. I’ve had the joy of visiting the ham before  but was very happy I could share this special place with my wonderful husband.

After all that excitement we spent some time recovering with a few good ales before heading over to discover what was happening at the Magic College…

Are you sure you want to exit the wizard?

I’d never been to a Murder Mystery party before so was a bit unsure as to what to expect, but I had so much fun! I was mightily impressed by the immense amounts of effort that had gone in to the evening, Dan with the epic plotting and Ruth with the awesome food. I played the role of Old Betty, a gruff gardener whose accent veered wildly from Very Welsh to Comedy Northern, with increasing frequency as more and more beer was consumed. I wasn’t very good at investigating, and didn’t manage to guess the murderer (who turned out to be Andy/Alan Tworings), but not many of us did. I’m not sure I’m that comfortable being married to someone who managed to get away with murder so easily! Thank you for a great evening guys!


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