Once upon a time I bought a dress. A lovely dress it was. It was from Motel and had adorable big blue buttons.

Unfortunately the buttons had other plans. It didn’t matter how often I sewed them back on, they just wouldn’t stay put. And then the stitching  decided to disintegrate. I imagine it’ll be the last item I buy from Motel anyway (not that I could pull off the bodycon-tastic stuff they do these days – I miss their a-line skirts and apple prints!).

I couldn’t throw it away though – the buttons are too cute. So I’ve given it a new life as a bag.

With my lack of sewing skills, I’m not hopeful that it will fare much better as a bag than a dress, but we shall see!


4 thoughts on “Oopcycling

  1. Motel used to be more than just “bodycon” dresses in sizes that look a bit daft in bodycon (A size 8 with no boobs looks like she’s just wearing a normal dress. You need curves!) and dodgy “vintage” stuff? I wish I knew it then! I went into the sale store a few weeks ago and walked straight out again.

    • I used to own so much Motel stuff! They used to do lovely knee length skirts and cute tops in really sweet colourful prints. I really miss their old stuff – I stil scour ebay every now and again!

    • Thank you! Don’t look too closely though – the stitching’s a mess! I managed to sew the handles inside the bag the first time round – doh!

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