Green Man 2010

It was a bit wet.

But if it wasn’t raining then there wouldn’t have been so many of the beautiful rainbows that graced the skies above Glanusk Park.

[Insert photo of said beautiful rainbow here. At least, I would do if my phone had worked in the rain. Next time I’m getting a phone with buttons, big clicky ones. No more of this touch-screen malarkey.]

So…mental imagery…clouds rolling in over the hills…children playing football, cricket, hooping all over the place (to the man who woke me up by shouting at people to shut their kids up – pipe down and cheer up)…Sam Amidon leading us in a R Kelly singalong…the nice man at Pure Pie giving me free chips (and lovely chips they were too)…Darwin Deez doing the Bartman…the spaceball/laser-hands/confetti explosion that was the Flaming Lips…lots of real ale to choose from…Tindersticks in the rain…

I did appreciate getting home and having a shower and non-soggy bed though!


4 thoughts on “Green Man 2010

  1. ‘Twas a fine weekend indeed. Highlights for me were Tindersticks, Beirut and Avi Buffalo amongst others (real ale and cider, as well).


    btw, dunno if you’re interested, but I shot a series of videos of the weekend and took some recordings (unfortunately the rain got to my mic and the Tindersticks recording was ruined…) I’ll be putting them up over the next few days at my Blog, Partly Porpois:

    • I’ll check them out – you shot a lot of stuff I missed then heard good things about. Hope you’re all dried out now!

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