Things I love, erm, Friday.

*My new hoop – it’s green, it’s shiny and , um , round! I’m totally loving hoop class at the moment, and am gutted, and a bit jealous, that our instructor will be away for a month to go to Burning Man. I’m still rubbish, but am slowly all that’s left of my plants by practising outside when I can!  (Something I’m definitely not loving this week – the devastation wreaked on my plants by slugs – get your own blimmin beetroot!)

*Impromptu sushi – We decided to take advantage of Yo Sushi’s 25% student discount yesterday (I got a three year NUS card for doing a one year postgrad certificate – win). Pumpkin korroke always cheers me up!

*Ann Margret – I love this compilation put together by a member of the girlgroups LJ community.

*Trolololol cat – ok, so I’m probably way behind with this, but it’s a cat, and the trolololol song, in the same video – who can resist?

*Woodstick this Saturday!


4 thoughts on “TIL…F

    • Ooh, I like that. To me, TILT is supposed to be a way of noting down the things we are grateful for this week, but also a very lazy way of blogging about things about which we don’t have much to say. Today I Learned looks more interesting!

    • Trolololo cat is amazing. But I’m not sure I will ever forgive you for introducing it to my head, where it seems to have gained permanent residency!

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