On the Radio Uh-Oh

I got an email last week from a lovely lady from the Manylu programme on Radio Cymru asking if I would take part in an interview for a programme they’re doing on SADS. I’m really no good at this kind of thing, especially in Welsh, but I agreed. I much preferred radio to TV anyway!

Earlier in the year I took part in a current affairs programme on the same issue, and had to spend a whole lunchtime walking back and forth up the main street while filming background images of me ‘doing normal things’ (they also filmed me at a gym, which was horrendous – and certainly not ‘me doing a normal thing!’). The programme was shelved unfortunately, due to Haiti, snow and the election, but might hopefully be shown soon.

After that I was a bit reluctant to spend more time dredging up things that are really quite difficult to talk about, but the interview went ok, and I’ve been told that it will be broadcast next week. Good stuff.

Some great events are taking place this summer to raise awareness, and money, for CRY:

Sunday 4th July: Cazfest, Bishop’s Stortford – which is being held in memory of Caroline Johnstone, the daughter of one of my fellow counselling trainees.

Sunday 1st August: Jedi Music Festival, Southport – an event which is returning for his third year, in memory of Chris Haw.

Saturday 7th August: Woodstick, Wormbley Arena, Cardiff – yay!


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