Am in need of some super-TILTing fabulousness right now as a man just almost ran me over, through no fault of my own, and then had the cheek to give me the middle finger – how rude! So anyway, here’s some thing getting me through the week, and a picture of cake to cheer myself up:

*Hummingbird Bakery’s vanilla cupcakes with Nutella icing, which I made for the PWL band to be exact. Yum. The Hummingbird Bakery recipe book has yet to fail me, but I do have a super sweet tooth!

*Credit crunch meals – seriously, without canellini beans, polenta and spinach I’m not sure what I’d have eaten over the last week. Roll on payday!

*Spring weather – and taking advantage of it to go geocaching down by the coast.

*Trying new things in the eternal battle of trying to get fit without going near a gym – this week I went to outdoor fitness class which was very old-school but hella effective – am still aching! I also went to hoop dance class which was ace, although I was rubbish. I thought about buying a hoop to practice at home, but imagine that would be a tad destructive!

*Eloquent people who can put my thoughts into words – like Esk!


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